Safety is Our Priority



The North Dakota Construction Council has several of its safety guidelines for its member, based on programs through the North Dakota Safety Council, the Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety and Occupational Health and Safety Administration. 

North Dakota’s Union Contractors and Union Members take great pride in performing work in the safest manner possible. Each of our Building Trades Unions has specialty training centers to help prepare the workforce for all potential hazards on a jobsite. 

In addition, contractors have specially trained safety personnel enhancing learned safety training and watching out for workers on the job.

We want to be known for our safe and efficient work standards. 

2019 Safety Training

Monthly OSHA 10 and/or ECCS Refresher


January 12 -  Saturday 

February 16 - Saturday 

March 15 -  Friday – ECCS Refresher/OSHA 10hr – 7am – 4pm 

16 -  Saturday – OSHA 10 (2 ½ hrs. to complete OSHA Course) – 7am – 10am 

April 13 -  Saturday 

May 10 -  Friday 

June 8 -  Saturday 

July 12 -  Friday 

August 10 -  Saturday 

September 13 -  Friday – ECCS Refresher/OSHA 10hr – 7am – 4pm 

14th Saturday – OSHA 10 (2 ½ hrs. to complete OSHA Course) – 7am – 10am 

October 5 -  Saturday 

November 9 -  Saturday 

December 7 -  Saturday 

All classes will be held at the Labor Temple – 1323 E. Front Ave., Bismarck, ND. 

All classes will begin at 7 a.m. 

Just a reminder that if someone is in need of the full OSHA 10hr Class – they need to attend both Friday and Saturday classes in March and September.

Our instructor is Tyler Svihovec. If you have any questions about the classes, please email him at