NDCC Partners

North Dakota Building Trades

 North Dakota’s Building Trades are  comprised of several unions within the state, working to provide our  customers with the safest, skilled workforce ready to help build a  stronger North Dakota. We want to become known as the workforce of  choice for both private and public work. 


 The Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety (ECCS) is a  group of North Dakota companies working together to achieve workplace  safety excellence through standardized workplace safety practices,  training and drug screening of contractor employees.  

The Association of Union Contractors

TAUC's mission is to act as an advocate for union contractors and  enhance cooperation between the three entities involved in the  successful completion of construction projects: the union, the  contractor and the owner-client, the company for which the work is being  completed. By encouraging this "tripartite dialogue," many potential  issues and delays are eliminated before work even begins. 

Lignite Energy Council

The NDCC is a member of the Lignite Energy Council.  

The  primary objective of the Lignite Energy Council is to maintain a viable  lignite coal industry and enhance development of the region’s lignite  coal resources for use in generating electricity, synthetic natural gas  and valuable byproducts.

Members of the Lignite Energy Council  include mining companies, major users that use lignite to generate  electricity, synthetic natural gas and other valuable byproducts, and  businesses that provide goods and services to the lignite industry.