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The Union Trades have a long history working in the state of North Dakota with many distinguished contractors. The North Dakota Construction Council has dozens of union contractors that are part of the organization.  

Our contractors are active in many construction and industrial industries, working in the electrical generation power plants, refineries; and working on large scale commercial and industrial sites. Union contractors take great pride in quality work, done right, on budget and on time. They make safety a priority and encourage all union trades members working for them to follow all safety guidelines.

Together, our union contractors and union trades men and women are helping build a better North Dakota.

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Many of our contractors are based right here in North Dakota and many others come from out of state to build large-scale projects. 

A comprehensive list of our union contractors is available as a downloadable PDF document available below.

Our Contractors

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NDCC Contractors (pdf)


Contractor Reporting Form

The NDCC is funding by a 10-cent-per-hour that each union tradesperson works on a job. Each month contractors submit the fee to the NDCC. Attached is our Contractor Reporting Form. Please fill it out and send it in with your payment.