"Construction professionals providing industry solutions."

The North Dakota Construction Council is a statewide partnership between professional union contractors, labor unions and business owners working together to promote our industry, provide a safer and more effective workforce and build stronger partnerships throughout the state and our communities.

The council’s goals are to serve as an industry resource for union contractors, promote the benefits of a unionized workforce to contractors and customers and ensure a ready-to-work labor force which is trained, certified and competent in the individualized skills.

The NDCC has a professional board of directors comprised of business owners and union business agents. Collectively, the board's priority is to promote the industry and its benefits within North Dakota.

Our additional priority is to help provide a safe and skilled workforce, ready to go to work for our customers. Our members take pride in their work to help make North Dakota a better place to live.

To  learn more about the Council and its members contact staff at 701.400-0283.

Contractors! Download an online report form here: NDCC payment report form

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